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The Grand Gallery is open for ticketed events and by appointment through the ticket office. Appointments are scheduled in 30 minute increments inside the 10-3 pm Monday through Friday normal schedule. Requests outside of the normal schedule will be accommodated if staffing is available.  Click the request button above and include contact information and requested time. 


Also we have a monthly Arty Hour dates/times will be posted.

Darrell Kincer

Please join us as we welcome Georgetown College art professor Darrell Kincer to the gallery for his exhibition FIXING THE WIND. As he explains the artwork in his show, "These photographic works are an exploration of materials and process. They are produced in the darkroom with physical objects – plants and botanicals placed on photographic paper and exposed to light. After traditional development with black and white chemistry, the resulting prints are altered further through a chemical process to produce the finished images. The title of the series has a double meaning that helps explain both the print and the practice. In one sense, these photographs produce a unique and unforeseen vision of nature, fixing a peculiar and dreamlike environment for observation and contemplation.


And in another sense, the method used to produce these images can be extraordinarily finicky and somewhat unpredictable. As photographic silver and darkroom chemistry interact, the results can be as mysterious as the wind."


This exhibition is part of the Louisville Photo Biennial, a regional celebration of fine art photography including over 50 venues in metro Louisville, southern Indiana, and central Kentucky.

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