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Tara "Remi" Remington


Artist Statement

ideogram with haiku - the alchemy of things - a series

Ideograms and Haikus communicate the essential. They also illustrate the way we perceive continuity, an unbroken essential thread of thought throughout history. Some symbols or ideograms are thousands of years old, later to become integrated parts of cultures representing new ideas, relationships, and functions.


I have paired the symbol with the Haiku to generate conversations around global issues and cultural constructs. The beauty of the haiku, a "poetic unrhyming form and the simplicity of ancient symbols share a provocative pathway that can lead one to a portal of ancient empathy and compassion. Also, poetry softens the psyche to receive new information, taking the edge off of hard subjects and leaving one wanting more.


I have created panels each displaying one symbol representing current issues such as: racism, othering and equality, women's rights, climate change and also included some existential thought symbols. I hope to strip down the complexities of our social issues and juxtapose ideas to guide the viewer through a thought provoking experience resulting in writing their own haiku for the exhibit, in an ongoing community haiku journal.


We must change our orientation to the conditions, - so that the conditions can change


Many of the symbols that are being used in this series may have meant something entirely different thousands of years ago. Historically, just by adding a curve, a straight line, a dot or merely changing the orientation of the symbol can change its entire meaning. The symbols I've chosen are intended to re-frame the lens of inclusivity, universality, and transmutation; all concepts that have an alchemical power to change things.


Alchemy burns away the old and creates a path for the new. It's a process of re-imagining, rethinking, and re-balancing the forces of duality in a bilateral world. We are at a fulcrum in history, we must choose new pathways to solve our old antiqued ways or continue on the path of extinction.


By casting a symbol in plaster and filling the symbol cavity with beeswax, these two materials are bonded together forever through an alchemical process. Beeswax is the inspiration or natural wisdom which discerns the essence of life and plaster is the protector of that essence.


Because of the universality of the symbols, it is my hope that anyone can understand them at a core level. I paired current issues with the specific symbols, issues or thoughts that have been on my mind for quite some time especially in the past few years. Wading through such powerful life changing quandaries can be daunting, I wanted to find a way we could all be a part of this evolutionary process, creatively.


The work is created in sets of two with black and white panels, illustrating duality in a bilateral world, its limitations and finite illusions, and creating the tension that we all may feel and want to break free from: this mess we have made. The power is in our hands.


"No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein



This is an interactive exhibition.

I invite you to be a producer and write a haiku.

As you view the panels, keep in mind the subjects and the content that have already been communicated through haikus written by invited community members. The symbols have three particular meanings that I have provided, please do not feel limited by these labels in writing your haiku.


In the center of the room you will find a journal on a podium, please record your haiku in this journal, leave your first name and where you hail from. Use the pen or pencil provided or use your own.

A haiku is written in three lines please follow this formula:

5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables

Thank you for participating,

Artist - Tara "Remi" Remington

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