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Event Rental–Initial Inquiry

The cost of renting the Grand Theatre varies with the type of event/production, size of production, technical requirements, status of organization renting (profit or non-profit), day of the week and number of performances/event days.


Minimum cost is $600 plus a certificate of insurance for two hours or less. Rental by a promoter or music group is likely a minimum cost of $2000 plus insurance. Outside rental is not our priority. We manage most of our events along with those of local non-profits or community arts organizations.


Rental will not be initially discussed by phone.

Event Information

Please provide details about the event.

  • Date of Event & Alternate Date of Event

  • Thorough Description of Type of Event

  • Ticket Price

  • Fundraiser / Other

  • Estimated Attendance

  • Insurance Carrier: (The Grand requires that renters of the Theatre for an event have secured liability insurance.)

  • What you are requesting from us.

  • References

Thanks for submitting!

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